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Started teaching self guitar and writing music while in grade school



Started teaching self keyboard 



Started teaching self drums 

Started multitrack recording on 3 instruments 

Started playing lead guitar in a band called “The Fifth Element” 

Played first live show at the first annual Stepinac High School talent show



Joined a band called “Xiphoid Rose” (later called Silver Spade) as bass guitar player



Started solo project “Bellevue

Performed several live shows with a rotating lineup of members of Xiphoid Rose and other friends



Started developing one man band 



Debuted live one man band in May, winning the Mr. Iona competition at college

Featured on the front page of Collegehumor.com for one day in Summer 2007

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus shared the cover of their song to their fans and featured it on their YouTube page

Tanya from AtheneWins gives shout out on YouTube

Favorited by YouTuber Ronald Jenkees and on his channel for some time

Achieved several YouTube honors and high rankings in first year

Joined the staff at WQHT HOT 97



Peaked at number 7 most watched YouTube Musician for a week in January 2008

Was the subject of a student documentary project

Alicia Keys YouTube channel favorites cover of “No One”

Opened a show for comedian DL Hughley at Iona College

Reached 1 million YouTube views in 13 months since starting MGM channel

Favorited by YouTuber The Angry Video Game Nerd and on his channel for some time

Performed live at The University of Scranton in Fall 2008 with comedian Chris Gardner

Featured again on Collegehumor.com for Legend of Zelda video



Performed live at the Rochester Institute of Technology with comedian Chris Gardner

Approached by MTV to co-host a TV show pilot

Was the subject of a second student documentary project



Asked to be featured in a commercial for the 2010 Grammys



Started mattygthemusician.com



Asked to be part of a documentary by Casey Hayward highlighting YouTube artists

Performed “End of the World” show with friends Jason Hazell, Alex Bossi and Chris Gardner

Received a masters degree and became a licensed teacher

Began teaching music professionally



Did background acting work for several television shows/commercials/movies including The Amazing Spiderman 2, Person of Interest, and Unforgettable 

Credited on IMDB for background work on A Crime to Remember



Joined Udemy



Created 4 paid courses for Udemy and other sites in 2015

GarageBand course was one of the highest ranking music courses on Udemy.com

Asked by Udemy to feature GarageBand course in an official Udemy blog post

Relaunched mattygthemusician.com 



Co-instructed Udemy course with Joseph Evans

Started co-hosting Hi-5 Countdown Podcast with Seth Opiel and Tony

Worked on Billions, Blindspot, and A Crime to Remember